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BPA Media Group is a full service entertainment logistics company that caters to independent and seasoned recording artists. The new generation of music-makers are following in the footsteps of pioneers such as Mackelmore, Adele, Chance Da Rapper and 21 Savage who are proving that artists of today no longer need the financial backing of the major record label. By investing in their own careers, such artists are able to make it to the top strictly based on their fan base and music alone. The artist remains in control with a team of people who understand their branding, their fans, and their dream.



BPA Media Group provides all the services an artist needs, in one location; to produce, create, market, distribute, promote, and brand their music. Under the BPA Media Group umbrella, a diverse team of seasoned industry professionals combine thought-out marketing campaigns to help artists launch their careers. The company offers affordable industry standard services, tailored to a flexible payment plan, which delivers quality services and full packaging, equal to any major record label. Instead of waiting for a major label to believe in your music, you can become your own boss, invest in your own career, and take your music directly to the fans. BPA Media Group is offering an exciting, different, new, and inspiring approach for independent artist who want to remain in control in today's industry.



As brand and image consultants, we can utilize our team's years of experience and expertise to help clients tackle tasks such as creating and employing marketing strategies, building a fan base on social media, and developing a brand, no matter what phase in their career they are at. 


Due to the ever-growing popularity of social media we offer marketing services geared directly to building a fan base and establishing an outstanding image through social media. In today's fast-paced, socially driven society, having a social media marketing plan is key to developing a client's brand and building their fan base. Our team will work with clients to develop a strategy to gain followers or subscribers, boost engagement from fans, and drive traffic to client's websites.


Day-to-day talent management is the core service provided by Hero Management Group. We have a team of people equipped with the ability to assist our clients in tackling the business aspects of what it takes to operate on a high level as a music artist, professional athlete, or entertainer. As a day-to-day managers, we assist the growth of our clients brand image by creating and employing marketing strategies to engage their fan base on social media, and seek out opportunities for career growth. As a client's career grows, we are there to grow with them every step of the way.


Gaining publicity in today's growing sports and entertainment industry is tough. Our team works with clients to develop a strategy to gain publicity and coverage from reputable news sources to help their brand grow. Our team leverages our extensive Influence Network within the sports and entertainment industries to ensure our clients gain all the media coverage they deserve.


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